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An influencer giveaway campaign is when our network of influencers/celebrities post a giveaway on their Instagram page with a prize product (typically Apple products).  To enter the giveaway, users must follow your page. 

What's an influencer giveaway campaign? 

How's Social Savvy different from other agencies? 

Before/After influencer giveaway campaign. 

How Does It Work?

Different from most agencies, we do not use automation, follow/unfollow tactics, or provide fake followers.  We are 100% compliant with Instagram guidelines and confidently provide better results at a competitive rate.  We take pride in our client's success.


We work with ambitious brands, influencers & businesses.  We use the power of celebrity influencer marketing to grow our clients following by THOUSANDS every month through exclusive Instagram growth advertising. 

We have limited spots for each month's campaign, so we recommend signing up now before the campaign is locked in.

Can I sign up right now? 

Why Influencer Giveaway Campaigns?

Guaranteed Growth

A Trusted Agency

Your Time Is Valuable

Don't get scammed by agencies who don't deliver.  We are transparent and guarantee the results we advertise.

We have proven results and positive testimonials for a reason.  And an in-house support team that cares for you.

Running a successful Influencer giveaway campaign is not a simple task.  It takes a team of professionals.  All you need to do is sit back and engage with your new audience.

Growth from Celebrities

Growing followers is never easy, especially organic ones.  We've helped brands grow their account by the thousands.

Worldwide Exposure


Proven Results



Transparent Pricing


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  • Influencer giveaway shoutout

  • Minimum of 1,000 followers per month

  • No Instagram login needed

  • Global Audience

  • 24/7 support



  • Influencer giveaway shoutout

  • Minimum of 3,000 followers per month

  • No Instagram login

  • Global Audience

  • 24/7 support



  • Influencer giveaway shoutout

  • Minimum of 5,000 followers per month

  • No Instagram login

  • Global Audience

  • 24/7 support



Toggle between Global and USA influencer packages.

Ran within 15 days of your sign up.

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Real followers in three simple steps. 


We Choose Your


The Influencer Posts The Giveaway


Your Followers Begin To Grow

We choose your influencer based on your demographic.

Within a 15 day period, your giveaway collaboration will go live on the celebrities' profile, with detailed instructions. We partner with brands like Apple, Saramonic, and many others to provide the best products to their fans.

To win those products, the celebrities' fans are asked to go to your profile and decide if they want to follow you.


  • 01/

    Who chooses the Influencers?

    We proudly work with high-profile accounts, primarily in the entertainment industry. We are family friendly, and do not work with violent, political, overtly sexual, or offensive profiles. You can expect a diversified, international audience from the top 1% of profiles on Instagram.

  • 02/

    Do I provide the giveaway item?

    No, we've partnered with brands like Apple and provide the product for the giveaway!  The products we giveaway net the most traffic.

  • 03/

    Can I choose the audience?  What demographic will my audience be?

    It is not possible to target niche-specific demographic audiences through celebrity campaigns. Remember that the people we are booking for the campaign have diverse, international audiences as well!  Depending on the package you sign up for, your audience will either we international or US-specific.

  • 04/

    When will I see growth?

    Once you sign up, our team immediately starts coordinating your campaign for the month.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into every campaign!  You will see the results within 30 days of your sign up.

  • 05/

    Are the followers real?

    Yes, the people who are following the Influencer have to choose to follow you in order to enter the giveaway. It is essentially impossible for a fake account to complete this process, and anyone caught attempting to game the system in any way is immediately blocked and banned from our giveaways.

  • 06/

    How many followers will I gain?

    We guarantee a minimum amount of new followers every month, based on the plan you choose. This follower number is the gross aggregate number of new followers you receive during the Influencer campaign(s) for that month. You can expect to retain most of your new followers, although it’s natural that some people will choose to unfollow once the giveaway ends.

    It’s always best for your page to retain the followers who genuinely appreciate your content and choose to stay.

  • 07/

    Will Instagram block or ban my account for using this service?

    No. Social Savvy's growth program is the only method that works within Instagram’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and with Instagram’s own algorithm. This is a growth service built to last, with zero reported errors.

  • 08/

    Can you do a custom giveaway for me?

    If you are interested in niche-specific giveaway campaigns please email

    Heads up, pricing is higher.

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