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Upon Your Sign Up

We will have a 1 week period before logging into your account.  The reasoning for this is we are logging in from another location using 4g mobile proxies that emulate various locations for your accounts safety.  Make sure 2-step verification is turned "Off".  If you see a login notification regarding another login, don't be alarmed, this is us. If you receive a message in the app, please press "This was me".  When we attempt login for your account, we may need a verification code from you.  Please send that over ASAP.

Growth is Too Slow...

Since the service is organic, it is up to the user to follow you.  We do not provide fake or bot followers.  We promise targeted traffic to your page.  For this reason, growth varies for each account. Some people do see growth quick, while others it takes a little bit of time to get going.  This is because every niche/ market is different.  The main differences in a slow and fast growing account is consistency and quality content. To ensure constant and fast growth, keep updating your target list by sending over more target accounts/ hashtags when you find them.  Keep adjusting and refreshing the target list to find the best-performers, and take note of which targets are doing well. 


You may not see growth immediately, and we want to assure you that is normal and it does not mean we are not working on your account. We grow your account "trust score" over a short period of time to ensure your account grows safely. (see graph below).

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Blocks and Bans
Every account's limits are different.  This means, there is no exact algorithm to avoid blocks and bans.  You may receive these randomly but they are only temporary.  We have never had an account banned or blocked permanently.  We stay within boundaries and try to avoid these blocks as much as possible but this is apart of the growth process.


Tips for Growth

  1. Profile Picture: Make sure profile picture is appealing, centered and clear. It is best to use your logo or a centered picture of yourself.

  2. Bio: Include fun emojis that are relative to your brand.  If you bio is long, emojis will break it up for an easier read for new visitors.  Make it simple and to the point.

  3. Story: Add to your story frequently.  Share the background of your business to make your new followers feel like there is a real person they're following. Think of it as your "Behind the Scenes" roll.  Tag your location and add 1-2 hashtags on your stories.  They'll get featured on the highlights and get more impressions.

  4. Story Highlights: Add story highlights (Create similar cover art for each highlight).  When posting a story, try to update your highlights to keep them fresh.


  5. Hashtags: Post hashtags on each picture (use 12-15 relevant hashtags.  Any more gets less impressions). Use hashtags that have 10k- 70k uses.  Copy and paste them in your notes so you can copy and paste each time you post.

  6. Hashtags Tip: Post hashtags as a comment, after posting the picture (not in the caption of the photo).  This way it hides them but has the same growth effect.  If you use Hootsuite or a similar post scheduler, use ("..." or DOT DOT DOT) to separate your hashtags from your caption.

  7. Content: Continue good quality well centered, well lit pictures/videos. (Videos drive a lot of engagement) Avoid photos with borders, screenshots, black/white bars, text, menus, advertisement edits, etc.  If you must, post it to your story. The key to a high conversion rate on Instagram is having a great aesthetic feed of high quality content.
    See examples here:


  8. Captions:  These are very important.  Be excited and share with your followers what’s new about your brand.  Make sure to include emojis and engage with your audience.  Ask them questions, tell them to tag friends, and capitalize on what caption drives the most engagement.

  9. Replies: Reply to people who direct message or comment, replying drives more comments.  When a post has more interaction, the instagram app's algorithm will post it in other places like the explore page.

  10. Posting: Try to post at least 2-3 times a week. Try to post to your story 4-5 times a week.  Remember, quality over quantity.



Good Content

Bad Content

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Good Highlights

Bad Highlights

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Please apply these tips for the maximum growth of your account.  Very excited to get your brand growing!