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Does billing begin when I sign up or when the first post goes up?

Billing begins on a monthly subscription when you sign up and will renew on the same date each month unless canceled. When/if you decide to cancel, we will continue providing our services for as many extra days that past prior to scheduling the first shoot. This way you won't pay while we organize the first shoot.


Is there a certain monthly commitment?

Depending on your location, we require a 3-month commitment. We have seen this to be an ideal amount of time to transform your page and start to see results compound.


How soon will your content creators do a shoot?

As soon as you sign up, we coordinate with you and our content creator to pick the soonest date available! On average this takes about 2 weeks, then we are consistently moving forward.


Can I request a shoot anytime to capture specific content?

We only schedule shoots when more content is needed for your socials. On average we schedule shoots every month to two months. We advise if you have any special request for content coverage (ex. seasonal menu items), please let us know prior to the next shoot and we will happily incorporate it.


How often will you do content shoots?

On average every month to two months.


Do I get to see what you've created before it's posted?

Yes, we create a command center with feed/caption previews and get your approval prior to posting.


Do I need to download Discord to communicate with your team?

We believe it is the fastest most effective means of communication with our clients. All our clients have private servers with our team and it has proven to be most efficient.


Who chooses the influencers for collabs?

If you've signed up for our influencer collab service, our team coordinates relative influencers to create collab post content with your brand to increase your reach and engagement.


Do you promise an amount of followers?

We do not focus on the number of followers, but on the quality of content and bringing targeted traffic to your page in hopes to convert to dedicated followers.

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